Quick and Light Harness

by Hunter

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The Quick and Light Harness is easy to put on and very comfortable to wear. Your dog merely needs to step into it; once you’ve closed the fastener, you and your dog will be ready to embark on new adventures. In order to ensure a snug fit, the belly and chest straps are continually adjustable on both sides as well as being well padded. The mesh fabric is strong, but nevertheless very light-weight and easy to wash down.


Being light-weight, well padded and easy to clean, the Quick and Light harness is perfect for sports activities. Reflective elements have been incorporated in the harness to enhance visibility and safety.


Available in five vibrant colors: Blue, Orange, Black, Red, and Grey.




XS:    36 – 45 cm(Around the neck)  , 2,7 cm width

S:       45 – 55 cm(Around the neck)    2,7 cm width

M:      55 – 65 cm(Around the neck)    3,3 cm width

L:       65 – 75 cm(Around the neck)    3,3 cm width

XL:     75 – 85 cm(Around the neck)   3,3 cm width

XXL:  85 – 95 cm(Around the neck)    3,3 cm width