When wondering what foods or treats to feed your dog, orange sweet potato, in specific, is often overlooked. This cousin of the potato family actually has a multitude of benefits and can be prepared in various ways to suit your dog’s breed, size, and lifestyle.



Check out the benefits below:


  • An excellent source of dietary fibers. Fibers are necessary for regulating the water levels present in the large intestines, leading to a healthy output of stool. That being said, sweet potato is an excellent natural remedy for diarrhea.


  • Rich in beta-carotene (β-carotene). Beta-carotene turns into vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps in fighting diseases, keeping your dog’s immune system in top shape. Vitamin A also enhances a dog’s vision and gives him/her healthy skin and fur.


  • Contains vitamins C and B6. Vitamins C and B6 are great immune system boosters, lessening the risk of your dog acquiring avoidable illnesses. 


  • Naturally grain-free. Sweet potatoes are usually found as substitutes to grains in grain-free dog foods.



Like anything in a dog’s diet, sweet potato has to be given in moderation. Here are a few tips on cooking and quantity.


  • In order to preserve as much of the benefits of the potato, you should either steam or boil it. Be sure to not feed your dog sweet potato skin as it causes some digestive problems in addition to it being a choking hazard.



  • It is recommended to start with a small amount at first, in order to monitor your dog’s response to it. A teaspoon is recommended for smaller dogs and a tablespoon for larger ones.


  • Make sure the sweet potato is as soft as possible. As such, out of all the sweet potato strains, the orange sweet potato is recommended, as it is the most moist and lax.


  • Dehydrated sweet potato is an excellent substitute for sweet treats. Simply cut the sweet potato into thin rounds and dry them in an oven. Or you check out our Sweet Potato Treats.


Stay Healthy and Outdoors!