Who says fish oils are only meant for us humans? Salmon oil has been nominated one of the best nutrient-packed supplements for both Dogs and Cats. This 100% natural brain and body boosting supplement has a multitude of benefits for your furry friends.


Why we love salmon oil:

•    Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 long chain fatty acids that increase immune support

•    Wonderful for older pets as it enhances heart function by lowering the blood pressure

•    Anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for pets with arthritis and joint pains

•    Great for healthy skin and shiny coats

•    Lowers triglycerides and encourages weight loss in overweight dogs

•    Helps in preventing cancer and slows cancer growth

•    Aids in relieving kidney-associated problems (urination defects and lack of appetite)

•    Promotes brain development and enhances cognitive function in puppies

•    Suitable for Dogs and Cats, Puppies and Kittens


Like every other natural supplement, it is best to introduce salmon oil in small quantities and gradually increase to reach the below amounts. Here is the recommended daily dosage according to your companion’s weight:


•    1-10kg  - 1tsp (5ml)
•    11-20kg - 2tsp (10ml)
•    21-50kg - 3tsp (15ml)
•    50kg+ - 4tsp (20ml)




Things to look for when buying Salmon Oil:


•    Always look for pure 100% salmon oil produced from sustainably and ethically sourced salmon, fished from the ocean. Makes it both eco friendly and of superior quality!


•    Make sure to pick Cold Pressed Salmon Oil (Without the use of heat when processing). This will preserve all the great nutrients and benefits!