Have you ever needed a dog treat or snack and not had any on hand? Look no further because you will find it hiding in an orange pile in your refrigerator. Yes, we’re talking about carrots: rabbits’ and now dogs’ best friend! This sweet, healthy superfood is bursting with benefits for your pup; check them out below!


•    Loaded with vitamin A: Carrots are rich in this eyesight-enhancing vitamin. Vitamin A also promotes a healthy coat and skin and an impenetrable immune system.


•    Full of beta-carotene: This vitamin A precursor helps dogs maintain a beautiful coat color, and it is an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system.


•    Remedy for diarrhea: Carrots are low-caloric and high in fiber, making them an excellent remedy for loose stool. Make sure not to feed your dog too much fibers, as they might lead to an upset stomach.


•    Natural deworming: For the presence of worms in the stomach and intestines, it is recommended to add carrots to your dog’s meal. Shredding the carrots or cutting them into small pieces gives the optimal results.


•    Excellent teeth cleaner: Having your buddy chew on a carrot or a baby carrot cleans and polishes his/her teeth. It is an inexpensive, healthy treatment to bad breath.



To get all of the benefits out of the carrots, it is recommended to steam, boil, or grate them; this also makes them easier for your dog to digest. In moderation, carrot juice, it is also a great treat to give your dog, but make sure that it is 100% carrot juice without any additives. Another pro tip is to freeze carrots so that puppies can use them as teethers. 


Soon, your dog will start liking carrots more than you do! Let the chomping begin!